Born on March 7, 1867 in Masambong, Sampaloc, Manila; son of Jose Alup Remigio and Eladia Basilio and baptized Tomas Alup Remigio y Basilio in Santa Cruz, Manila. Had his early education from his father and some private tutors.

As an employee in the Inspeccion General de Obras Publicas and at the Intendencia General de Hacienda, he earned for himself the model employee medal awarded by the Captain General.

Participated in the propaganda movement as a disseminator of propaganda literature written by Lopez-Jaena, del Pilar, and Rizal. Served as secretary of the Mayon a branch of the La Liga Filipina in Santa Cruz, Manila. Later joined the Katipunan and was one of the early members of the Supreme Council of said society. He distinguished himself in the committee, which planned the societys program and took active part in the administration of oaths of new members. Soon, he became the adviser of Bonifacio; but because of a misunderstanding, he left and founded a new society, the Binhi ng Payapa, aimed to free the people from servitude.

He had his early training as a writer in 1879 at the Subinspeccion General de Ingenieros, Inspeccion General de Obras Publicas and at the Intendencia General de Hacienda. He wrote for the newspaper, Kapatid ng Bayan, founded by Pascual Polete. Authored several plays that were stage at the Teatrong Tagalog. He reached the apex of his career as a writer when he received the Plumang Ginto by the Samahang Malaya, for his play Malaya.

He died in Manila on August 1, 1916.



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